Visit Arusha has a special tour based on community support around Tanzania region
This special tour includes visiting to the local primary schools, Hospitals, Poor families and Orphans children’s center. Farming


In Tanzania there are so many things to do while on the community support tour, you will have time to working with the villagers on their development projects


As a growing Tourism Company in Tanzania, Visit Arusha Tours We would like to introduce you about Support Locals Community. This is a porch which by donating from clients and Visit Arusha team some of our profit from safari you will be directly supporting our community Center by 15% the younger orphans by giving them education, clothes, and food. Our clients can also give specific donation if they wish. To help for the People who in need supports’’


We have a serious obligation to maintain and improve Tanzania’s social welfare, economy and the environment. In addition to hiring local residents, we have established a wonderful relationship with the local community by donating funds and supporting volunteer projects. As a local company, our mission is to improve the social welfare of Tanzania, that is, the lives and the environment of local people. I am honored to be able to give back all the wonderful people in Tanzania with support and to encourage the communities; the environment and culture in which these people live are supported and protected in the future.




They now depending on us to help on taking some of their children have to school at least they will later are able to help themselves together with their families. Some are now very old and they could get support from their sons but the problems comes when the sons doesn’t have any means of assisting because they also don’t have means of capital because of not being to school, they could be employed somewhere but how? As our government offer primary education level for free without payment and also we have government secondary school but its lucky if you will be selected to join the government secondary school and if not you should join private secondary school. Here you should have to pay cash for all these four years but how can you pay all these money and you are from disabled family? Most failed to attend private secondary school because of lack of capital and they are from poor families. This is amongst the big problems face most of the children’s from poor families.


Empowering Communities through Innovative Education and Poverty



Our Vision:

Educated Communities capable of making informed choices



Our Mission:

Improvement of Provision of education and educational Facilities with focus on rural areas and in away supportive of local culture and tradition:




1. Repair works to school buildings in the worst conditions
2. Visiting Orphanages and Support books, pens
3. Support mosquitoes nets
4. Support by clothes and shoes
5. Support Locals widows Farming group
6. Support Deaf children in Tanzania
7. Support to pay Children school fee


If you choose one of the above mentioned community project please send us Email or WhatsApp at +255 754 557 877