A complete Tanzania Safari and Kilimanjaro package, Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain, attracting thousands of trekkers from around the world every year. As it’s a long hike up the mountain – 5 to 6 -7 days at the minimum, Visit Arusha offers you loading area, you’ll board safari and treks of Mount Kilimanjaro that whisk you off to begin your African safari adventure. The tour traverses a savannah, during which your tour guide directs your attention to some of the 54 different species of birds and animals found throughout the game preserve. On the Tanzania National parks of each row of the vehicle, you’ll find labelled pictures of each of the inhabitants. Some of these include antelopes, black rhinos, white rhinos, warthogs, ostrich, giraffes, zebras, elephants, crocodiles, hippos, baboons, white-bearded wildebeests and lions. Many visitors come for the Kilimanjaro trek and the African Safari . But for those who have some extra time on their holiday, take the opportunity to experience culture tour.


13 Days Safari and Kilimanjaro Climb Lemosho   

On this Lemosho Route 8 Days and Safari you will have 5 days taste of Tanzania safari after trek on the Lemosho route whic is the traditionally one of the quieter and lesser-known routes on the mountain.

10 Days Kilimanjaro Climb and Safaris

10 Days Kilimanjaro and Safaris the best of Tanzania Tour Safari, Welcome to Tanzania the home land to Mount Kilimanjaro, The Great Serengeti Wildebeest Migration, The Ngorongoro\ This 10 Days Kilimanjaro and Safari in Tanzania tour program.

13 Days Kilimanjaro Trekking and Safari Tanzania

Our 13 days Kilimanjaro Trekking and safari Tanzania holidays trip. Is the best Tour for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and Tanzania wildlife Safari in Lodge and Luxury Tented Camps. This Safari will take you to treks mount Kilimanjaro through Machame Route in 7 days

15 Day Lodge Safari and Kilimanjaro Climb 

15 Days Tanzania safari and Kilimanjaro offers quality